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At BISBH, we believe that uniform is a very important part of school life. Not only does it give our students a sense of belonging to the school community, it also gives students a focus for the school day ahead and an overall a sense of pride and equality.

School uniform is compulsory throughout the school.

We want students to understand that whilst they are wearing their uniforms, they are also representing their school. The aim is for students to present a neat appearance without being obtrusive, competitive or fashionable in what they wear. Students are required to wear two types of uniform, the regular, daily school uniform and the P.E. kit which should only be worn on P.E. class days. We highly recommend that all clothing, equipment and bags are clearly labelled with the student’s full name and grade. Students must ensure that they comply with uniform expectations on a daily basis – this is one of our non-negotiables.


Shoes should be black in colour and ideally made of a strong leather construction. Plain black ‘Sketcher-style’ shoes are also acceptable but bright trainers are not permitted. High heels or thick-soled boots are also not acceptable for school use.


Hairstyles should be smart and well groomed. Long hair should be appropriately tied up/back and all students are requested to be conscious of the cultural expectations within the Kingdom. Short hair should be no shorter than a standard grade 2 cut and should not include patterns or ‘tramlines’. If hair is dyed, it should be within the range of what could be termed a ‘natural colour’. Facial hair should be professional and groomed.

Makeup and Jewelry

BISBH would encourage students not to wear make-up during school hours. Students who choose to paint nails or wear make-up should ensure that colours are largely neutral and do not attract attention to the individual and that any make up is kept to a minimum.

Jewellery should be kept to a minimum as it can pose increased health and safety risks in schools.


Students are not required to wear facemasks, however, this is a personal choice. A small supply of masks is available in school should students forget their personal mask. However, parents are encouraged to check that all students choosing to wear masks have a sufficient supply of masks for the school day prior to leaving home.

Sports Wear

The BISBH PE KIT consists of the following items:

White PE Polo Shirt – long or short sleeve

Navy Blue BISBH Shorts

White Sports Socks



BISBH tracksuit top and tracksuit bottoms

BISBH Hooded top

NB Students should also bring a water bottle to their PE lessons to protect themselves from dehydration and excessive exposure from the sun.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are not allowed in school.