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Registration and Admissions

Education should be accessible and all community members should be able to benefit from high-quality education.

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Thank you for your interest in applying at Britus International School Bahrain. Please read the information and regulations below prior to submitting your application.

How to Apply

Admission Requirements

Britus International School admission, registration and Placement of Student’s policy takes into account the obligations as defined by the Bahrain Ministry of Education. It sets out the order of priority for the admission of students if there are more requests than places available.

A student seeking admission to a particular class must have passed the final examinations of the lower class immediately preceding the class to which admission is sought. A certificate to this effect obtained from the school last attended is to be submitted along with the duly filled in form of application.

The following documents are to be produced at the time of admission.

*Outside Bahrain:

The Leaving Certificate (or Report Card in some circumstances) must be stamped from the country you are leaving, by the Education Directorate & Office of Foreign Affairs

The following documents should be included with all applications.

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