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Your Child’s Educational Journey Starts Here

Thank you for choosing Britus International School for nurturing your child’s future.

A place where we offer an educational experience like no other, in which our students develop into adaptive learners prepared to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Sarah Saade

Head of Admissions & Student Affairs

Being the lead of an integral department at Britus International School Bahrain, Sarah comes with an academic background in Financial Services Management, combined with over 10 years of professional experience in the Vocational Training Sector ranging from administrative roles to teaching internationally recognised programs. Sarah thrives to ensure that every incoming parent receives accurate information and timely support; facilitating the variables to reflect the true essence of the organization supporting our wide array of potential students from the early assessment phase to their successful class placement and even beyond.

Faten Turani

Admissions & Registration

Faten, a mother of two children, comes to the Admissions Office at BISBH with more than 10 years of experience from multiple sectors being a professional executive assistant and administrator. Her academic background in Office Management makes her knowledgeable and capable of handling all attributes of her role combined with excellent communication & organizational skills along with effective time-management. A highlight of her role within the Admissions Office is being a contact point between both internal and external customers in addition to her attention to creating a customized experience for every parent she meets while smoothly attending to administrative tasks.

Bayan Almoosawi

Admissions Officer

Transitioning through the evolving Britus International School Bahrain, Bayan has been part of our entity since 2014 progressing to become an integral part of the Admissions office as an Admissions Officer. With her impeccable interpersonal and organizational skills, Bayan thrives on building trust with all prospective parents that she meets, enhancing their experience with our school from their first point of contact. With a main emphasis on customer care, support and satisfaction, she is enjoying her role as it gives her the opportunity to meet an array of people on a daily basis.