Student Enrichment

Britus International School – Bahrain provides a rich program of enrichment activity that takes education beyond our four walls, away from textbooks and into the wider world. We aim to provide all our learners with the opportunity to not only improve on their academic progress with targeted support classes but also to immerse themselves in a range of cultural celebrations and events that truly enhance their understanding of global issues.  

Our enrichment activities are designed to prepare students as true 21st century learners by developing positive attitudes towards entrepreneurship, social reform and the use of technology to support innovation and excellence.  We aim to create a culture where high quality learning opportunities help students to become high achievers. Enrichment is based around our core values of perseverance, integrity and trust and aims to shape our students into open-minded, self-reflective, confident and continuous learners.

A good school is one where:

  • Student success is measured by their academic output;
  • Parents are happy and positive about the school;
  • Student led activities and extracurricular activities are available;
  • Goal setting is focussed on one aspect of a learners development.

A great school is one where:

  • Students excel and achieve the highest of standards;
  • Parents are involved in all aspects of school life;
  • Student led activities and extracurricular activities are wide and varied and highly valued by students and wider community
  • Goal setting is personalised and supports individuality and excellence;
  • Student success is measured not only through outstanding academic outcomes but also through values, relationships, a commitment to lifelong learning and respect for others


Britus International School – Bahrain’ program of enrichment activity aims to transform our school into a great school. Enrichment supports the development of the students beyond the classroom as part of a real learning community. It improves parent’s involvement and engagement in school. Enrichment makes students feel a sense of belonging to the community and promotes the success of all extracurricular activities. Enrichment promotes international engagement between schools and global communities and helps to guide learners on making the right choices about their future learning pathways.





Extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are an integral part of developing our students’ enrichment profile. BISBH is committed to developing a range of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities with a range of local and international partners to ensure that all students have a broad program of opportunities to learn and develop their interests and talents.


Our enrichment model promotes face-to-face and virtual experiential learning, delivered by a team of experts with the aim of opening minds, promoting inquiry and stimulating interest beyond the formal curriculum. Students will experience a range of both domestic and international activity which supports our aim to ensure students play an active role in their community whilst developing a genuine awareness of global concerns and issues


The BISBH model promotes learning beyond the curriculum through specifically designed engagement activities, with parents, students, local and international organisations, universities, partner schools as well as local and international communities. Volunteering opportunities, internships, entrepreneurship programmes, charity activity and debating challenges are just some examples of our engagement portfolio and the importance we place on developing social awareness as well as academic excellence.


Academic Calendar (2021-2022)
Term 1
Aug 9 Al Hijra
Aug 17 - 18 Ashoora
Aug 22 Reporting of Teachers
Aug 22 - 26 Faculty Development
Aug 29 - Sept 2 Induction of New Students
Orientation of Old Students
Class Preparation
Sept 5 Start of School Year, Grade 1 - 12
Sept 12 Start of School Year, N - KG2
Oct 18 Prophet's Birthday
Oct 26 - 28 Term 1 Midterm Assessment (Grade 5 - 12)
Nov 7 - 11 Issuance of Term 1 Midterm Assessment Report
Dec 12 - 15 Term 1 Final Assessment (Grade 5 - 12)
Dec 15 Last school day for Term 1
Dec 16 - 17 Bahrain National Day
Dec 19 - 30 Winter break

Term 2
Jan 1 New Year
Jan 3 Start of Term 2, Grade 1 - 12
Jan 9 Start of Term 2, N-KG2
Jan 16 - 20 Issuance of Term 1 Report Card
Feb 1 - 3 Term 2 Midterm Assessment (Grade 5 - 12)
Feb 13 - 17 Issuance of Term 2 Midterm Assessment Report
March 13 - 17 Term 2 Final Assessment (Grade 5 - 12)
March 17 Last school day for Term 2
March 20 - 31 Spring break

Term 3
Apr 3 Start of Term 3, Grade 1-12
Apr 10 Start of Term 3, N-KG2
Apr 17 - 21 Issuance of Term 2 Report Card
Apr 26 - 28 Term 3 Midterm Assessment (Grade 5 - 12)
May 1 Labor Day
May 2 - 4 Eid Al Fitr
May 8 - 12 Issuance of Term 3 Midterm Assessment Report
May 22 - 26 Term 3 Final Assessment, Grade 12
May 29 - Jun 2 Term 3 Final Assessment, Grade 5 - 11
June 5 - 9 Preparation for the next phase/Transition Program (N - Grade 11)
June 9  Last school day for Term 3
June 9  Graduation Day - Grade 12
June 15 KG2 Promotion Ceremony
June 19 - 23 Issuance of Final Report Card
June 20 Recognition Day
Activity Calendar (2021-2022)
Term 1
Sep 21 International Day of Peace
Sep 29 International Awareness of Food Loss and Waste
Oct 5
Career - University Session
World Teacher's Day
Oct 10 World Mental Health Day
Oct 12 Career - University Session
Oct 18 Prophet Muhammad's Birthday
Oct 19 Career - University Session
Oct 24 United Nations Day
Oct 26 Career - University Session
Oct 30 Career Fair - International Universities
Nov 2 Career - University Session
Nov 9 Career - University Session
Nov 10 World Science Day for Peace & Development
Nov 14 World Diabetes Day
Nov 16 Career - University Session
Nov 20
Career - University Session
World Children's Day
Nov 23 Career - University Session
Nov 27 Financial Planning for Parents
Nov 30 Career - University Session
Dec 1 Bahraini Women's Day
Dec 7 Career - University Session
Dec 16 - 17 Bahrain National Day

Term 2
Jan 4 Career - University Session
Jan 11 Career - University Session
Jan 24 International Education Day
Jan 25 Career - University Session
Feb 1 Career Fair - International Universities
Feb 2 Career Fair - Bahrain Universities
Feb 8 Career - University Session
Feb 9 Safer Internet Day
Feb 10 Bahrain National Sports Day
Feb 14 Bahrain National Charter Day
Feb 15  Career - University Session
Feb 22  Career - University Session
Mar 1 Career - University Session
Mar 8
International Women's Day
Course - Taster Session
Mar 14 International Day of Mathematics
Mar 15 Career - University Session
Mar 20 International Francophonie Day
Mar 21 Mother's Day/Family Day, Bahrain

Term 3
Apr 5 Course - Taster Session
Apr 7 World Health Day
Apr 12 Career - University Session
Apr 21 World Creativity & Innovation Day
Apr 22 International Mother Earth Day
Apr 24 - 28 English Week
Apr 26 Career - University Session
May 1 Labor Day
May 2 - 4 Eid Al Fitr
May 3 Career - University Session
May 10 Career - University Session
May 16 International Day of Living in Peace Together
May 17 Massive Open Online Courses
May 26 BISBH's Got Talent
Jun 9 Graduation Day - Grade 12
Jun 15 KG2 Promotion Ceremony
Jun 20 Recognition Day