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Welcome to Britus International School – Bahrain.

 I am Andy Hubble, the Principal of the school and it is my pleasure to share with you our vision for the school and how we aim to ensure that all students are safe, happy and successful.

At BISB we have a team of passionate and well qualified teachers and support staff who share a clear vision that builds on the Britus mission and our belief of learning without limits. We want all our students to achieve the very best possible academic outcomes but also to grow as valuable members of our learning community, supporting each other to succeed and developing as the next generation of leaders here in Bahrain.

Starting in our pre-school department, we offer an American curriculum, built around California Common Core Standards (CCCS), that builds strong foundations in social skills and learning habits. Working through a High Scope learning approach, our nursery and KG department seek to offer students a range of learning experiences that will meet the individual needs of each and every learner through guided play and discovery learning.

Building on this our elementary and middle school programs seek to develop competence in English, maths, science and Arabic and promote the importance of understanding Bahrain and its rich culture and history. As students move through to high school, they are able to opt for one of 3 learning pathways to meet their individual needs.

In addition to our American curriculum, we offer students in Grade 9 and above the opportunity to study for the International Baccalaureate or take a range of international GCSE qualifications. This flexibility ensures that students from over 40 nations within the school can tailor learning to achieve their goals in attending university here in Bahrain, in the United States, the United Kingdom and beyond.

We pride ourselves on knowing our students well and maintaining positive communication with all our stakeholders. We welcome our parents and former alumni to share their suggestions on how, by working together, we can reach our goal of being an outstanding school in the near future.

I am committed to achieving the highest possible standards of teaching and pastoral care for all our students and firmly believe together we can achieve great things in the coming months and years.

Since November 2019 Britus International School – Bahrain ( formerly known as AMA International School) has been managed by Britus Education.  The school operates from a well-equipped campus offering students the very best learning experience. The school is currently going through a significant transformation and parents and students are fully engaged in the changes and developments.

About Us

Britus International School – Bahrain is proud to have its roots in Bahrain society, with a long-term commitment to the country and a recognition that education is at the heart of a thriving and sustainable modern economy. BISB is a school embedded in the local community but with an international outlook. We recognize the importance of preparing global citizens and provide learners with an education that is meaningful and relevant to their personal, academic, social and work-life aspirations.

BISB provides learners with an active learning experience that embraces 21st century skills, recognizing that these skills are essential in a modern knowledge economy. We aim to support Bahrain and the wider region by nurturing the next generation of scientists and scholars, raising aspirations amongst the local community to make a significant contribution to the future of Bahrain.

At its heart, Britus International School – Bahrain (BISB) is committed to ensuring its students have access to the very highest quality learning experience. It is becoming widely recognized that there has to be a shift in learning styles if students are to achieve their potential and be able to function effectively in a modern, knowledge economy. Britus International School provides a context where young Bahraini and expatriate students, from their first day in school, will be given the opportunity to develop an understanding that they can always improve with a resilience to rise to the challenge of continuous improvement.

Affordable, Inclusive, Diverse

Our vision is to make Britus International School  the leading affordable school in Bahrain. It will be a school that has an inclusive admissions policy which gives national and expatriate students access to a unique, culturally relevant curriculum. Our curriculum is designed to develop competent individuals with love for learning at its core enhanced by an enriching extra-curricular programme which provides opportunity for every child to succeed – Our Ready To Learn Programme

Our Belief

At Britus International School, we aim to help every student develop academically, socially and emotionally.

Our educational approach is firmly grounded in the belief that each child is a unique individual,. We will continually work towards developing an enriching curriculum that fosters the develop of our students across multiple spheres, including:


We believe academic excellence should be accessible to students across all backgrounds. This is why our schools are committed to offering students a premium education at an affordable range.


Academic accessibility isn’t only a matter of means – but is also matter of catering to individual strengths. Starting from the admission process and all through their schooling with Britus Education, we take into consideration each student’s unique capabilities and dedicate ourselves towards unlocking their full potential.


Our growing family of five schools across the GCC – offering a variety of renowned international curriculums – act as a true family. Each member is unique with its own individual offerings, yet exists within a tightknit community. This offers our students the chance to interact and collaborate with their peers across the Britus Education family of schools, exposing them to a wider range of learning and developmental opportunities

Outstanding Facilities

The school site is a large open campus that has a mixture of generous outdoor sports facilities and specialised teaching areas.  The main building houses the administrative centre of the school as well as our pre-school, KG and Elementary phases. Wide, bright corridors are used to access Grade areas with dedicated bathroom facilities and homeroom bases for all students.  Classes are equipment with digital projectors and high speed wifi connectivity to ensure easy access to a wide range of on-line teaching resources.

In Building 2, Middle school and High school students benefit further from a range of more specialised teaching areas for ICT, Art and Science in addition to large open classrooms.  Facilities include:

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Connected With Our Alumni

Brius International School – Bahrain is eager to keep in touch with all our former students who have graduated and moved on to university or employment. Our aim is to create a strong, world-wide community of alumni and we would like you to be part of this. Being part of our alumni community is an ideal opportunity to remain in touch with your old Alma Mater and keep abreast of various happenings in the school as well as play a part in becoming role models for current students who share your interests and have similar aspirations.

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