Britus International School

Harnessing the Excellence

Within Each Student

With a strong community and a team of passionate educators, we offer an enriching educational experience designed to see each student excel

Welcome Message

Welcome to Britus International School Bahrain – I am Andy Hubble, the Principal of the school and it is my pleasure to share with you our vision for the school and how we aim to ensure that all students are safe, happy and successful.

At BISB we have a team of passionate and well qualified teachers and support staff who share a clear vision that builds on the Britus mission and our belief of learning without limits. We want all our students to achieve the very best possible academic outcomes but also to grow as valuable members of our learning community.

Supporting each other to succeed and developing as the next generation of leaders here in Bahrain.

Our Vision

Britus International School -Bahrain believes that academic excellence and premium education should be accessible to students across all backgrounds.

Our Mission

The staff at Britus International School – Bahrain are committed to educating the whole person. We aim to provide a balanced education which enables each student to fulfill his or her potential in all areas of growth – intellectually, physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially and empowers them to become the person they can and want to be. We realized the importance of students becoming critical thinkers who can take care of themselves and compassionately care for others, thus taking an active, responsible part in shaping our society and saving our world.

Affordable, Inclusive, Diverse

Our vision is to make Britus International School – Bahrain one of the leading schools in Bahrain that is affordable to families from all backgrounds. It is a school that has an inclusive admissions policy which gives national and expatriate students access to a dynamic and culturally relevant curriculum. Our curriculum is designed to develop competent individuals and global citizens with a love for learning at its core.  Supporting our academic program we provide a rich and varied extra-curricular programme which provides opportunity for every child to succeed.

Embracing Each Child’s Unique Potential

Our educational approach is firmly grounded in the belief that each child is a unique individual, and over the past 16 years we’ve continually worked towards developing an enriching curriculum that fosters the develop of our students across multiple spheres, including:


Enabling excellent performance in a suite of world-renowned qualifications designed to reflect each student’s strengths, competencies and ambitions


Nurturing the attitudes and attributes that help each student communicate, collaborate and innovate with others


Developing resilience, determination and positivity in the face of challenges and a high level of awareness and regulation of self

Our Belief

At Britus International School – Bahrain, we aim to help every student develop academically, socially and emotionally.  Our educational philosophy is firmly grounded in the belief that each child is a unique individual and is continually evolving into an enriching curriculum that fosters the development of our students across a range of subjects and wider cultural experiences.
Look Inside

The Right Education, In the Right Environment

The school is housed in a large, well-integrated building on three floors with central air-conditioning. Spacious, naturally lit classrooms and wide corridors provide open circulation spaces with a friendly ambience

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Empowering Students Through Every Stage

From kindergarten all the way through to graduation, we are there to support our students through every stage of development. BISBH offers learners high quality education within 4 distinct academic phases each clearly planned and mapped to provide students with clear pathways and progression routes to meet their individual needs.


Our Pre-school curriculum recognises that every child deserves the best possible start in their life at school. Our High Scope learning approach and assessment methodology promotes an active and student-centred approach to early learning where social play, creative arts and language development are seen as key building blocks.

Elementary School

Elementary provision covers Grades 1- 6 and builds on the foundation learning of the Pre-school program. Students are introduced to our US curriculum model in a range of subjects centred around the California Common Core Standards. These standards allow progress of individuals to be tracked on a regular basis with support mapped in along the way to ensure no learner is left behind.

Middle School

Students move into Middle School from Grade 7 onwards and further build on their core knowledge and skill in subjects such as English Language, Maths, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Science and Arabic Social Studies. The work completed in this phase of the school supports students in making their first real choices about their future education pathway with learners able to continue with our US curriculum program or opt for a range of IGCSE qualifications before looking at progression on to our IB Diploma course.

High School

In High school, students increasingly specialise in the separate sciences of Biology, Chemistry and Physics as well as enriching their understanding of written and spoken English and Arabic. Students also continue to study maths, Arabic Social Studies and ICT to ensure a breadth of knowledge that will support them in the next stages of their education or employment.
For our IGCSE students we offer a combination of courses in 11 subjects including Business, Economics and Computing as well as courses in all three sciences, maths and English. As a Cambridge International GCSE approved centre all courses are accepted at universities here in Bahrain, the GCC region and around the globe.